General Services

We also offer a range of general electrical services.

240 Volt Licensed and Accredited

We have technicians who are fully DC and AC trained and accredited to service power solutions from 12 volt DC to 240 volt AC. We even have the ability to work with single or 3 phase systems.

Batteries, Generators and Engines

Our technicians have had a great deal of industry experience and safety training to ensure that they can service and advise on a wide variety of batteries, generators and engines.

Installing BYO Equipment

Our technicians are happy to assist with any install on pre purchased equipment. We even offer a 100% Installation Satisfaction Guarantee. However the product warrantees etc still remain with the supplier.

Solar Power Solutions

We supply and install all sizes and levels of solar power systems. Including off grid independent solar to 240volt setups. Call us to arrange a quote or learn more about solar.

LED Lighting and Entertainment Systems

We can custom make and design your LED lighting and entertainment requirements. From on board cinemas and on the go TV systems in your 4WD to trailer boat stereos and custom motorhome installs, our experienced technicians can bring out the fun, luxury and convenience to suit any requirements.

Contact us now to see how we can help you.