Mobile Power Solutions

We offer a range of Mobile Power Solutions for boats, caravans, camper trailers and 4WD’s.



Fischer Panda generators
Lithium battery setups
Enerdrive charger, battery monitors and more
Lenco trim tabs & equipment
Solar panels, MPPT regulators

Modern boat, caravan, camper van and 4WD have quite sophisticated electrical systems.

Often these will be both 12 volt (battery) and 240 volt (mains) and may include the means to convert from one to the other.

The on-board electronic systems and appliance relies more and more on a fail-proof power system.

This power system can be quite complex to deal with – generators, batteries, inverters, converters, transformer, step up, step down, single phase, three phase, low voltage, high voltage and on it goes.

For you peace of mind, get in the expert to check and verify the proper functioning of your mobile power system today.

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